Medicare Medical Supplement

Traditionally, many plan sponsors have managed their post-65 retiree population by offering the same group medical plans provided to their active workers. While this approach has historically worked well, the associated liability and administrative complexity can place a significant burden on benefit administrators and their professional staff. Properly implementing a Medicare Medical Supplement plan can relieve not only the administrative burden, but reduce long term financial liabilities as well.

Medicare Medical Supplement plans help pay some or all of the health care costs that Original Medicare does not cover, including copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Through our integrated platform and utilizing our group purchasing power, we deliver best in class Medicare Medical Supplement plans and pricing not available in the individual market.

Our solution is fully integrated into every aspect of selecting, implementing and managing the most efficient medical benefits available in the retiree market.  Please read below a listing of some of the benefit highlights and continue scrolling for a case example of the financial savings impact when moving to a Medicare Medical Supplement plan with Labor First.

Product Highlights:

• National Network (Plans accepted wherever Medicare assignment is accepted)
• Standard Medicare Supplement plans available
• Customized Supplement plan designs available
• Composite group or age banded pricing that is guaranteed issue regardless of age, health condition or geography
• Can be paired with a Medicare Part D EGWP Rx plan or offered stand alone


Please read how our proprietary administrative technology & service platform work with the above Medicare Medical Supplement solution for you as a plan sponsor or for your retired members.

Case Study:


We converted this client from a self-funded ASO medical plan structure to a fully-insured group medical supplement plan. We emulated the in-force plan design while adding small benefit enhancements such as foreign travel coverage, improving the overall benefit for retirees.

Medical Plan Design Copay
Deductible $0
Office Visit $0
Specialist Visit $0
Emergency Room $0
In-Force Cost Analysis
Average Participants 1,300
In-Force Retiree Annual Cost $4,602,000
Per Member Per Month Cost $295 PMPM
Labor First Proposed Cost
Average Participants 1,300
Labor First Annual Cost $3,073,200
Per Member Per Month Cost $197 PMPM

Total Savings

Savings PMPM $98
Total Monthly Savings $127,400
Total Annual Savings $1,528,800
Percentage Savings 33%

A client since 2015, annual benefit renewals are averaging less than three percent increases.